Here are a few talks I’ve worked on over the last few years. Some I’ve given at conferences, others I’m interested in speaking about in the future.

Interested in having me speak at your event? Contact me via twitter or email.

Upcoming Talks

Resilience Engineering Mythbusting – TheLeadDev (April 30, NYC)


Resilience Engineering Mythbusting – SREcon19 Americas (March 27, Brooklyn NY)


Architecting a Post Mortem (Tutorial) – Velocity 2018 San Jose (June 12)

Architecting a Post Mortem – SREcon18 Americas (March 29)


Communal Learning, Continuous Development (short roundtable discussion following) – REA Symposium


Hitting the Turbo Button: Upgrading to PHP 7 at Etsy – PNWPHP 2016

Blame Awareness in Incident Investigation – SREcon16 Dublin

Work in Progress

How D&D made me a better speaker

The oral tradition of story telling when running a Dungeons and Dragons game shares many parallels with that of both public speaking and improving my skills as a writer. Both on stage and behind a Dungeon Master’s screen you’re shaping a narrative. Conference talks should be collaborative, informative, and a lot of fun if you’re doing them right – just like your favorite gaming sessions!