Hitting the Turbo Button: Upgrading to PHP 7 at Etsy

Seattle, Washington (2016-08-17)

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PHP 7 offers fantastic resources to developers, trims memory consumption substantially, and can significantly reduce the CPU usage your software requires–often with few changes to your code. For those looking to migrate to PHP 7 or unsure of best practices to incorporate into your upgrade, you’ll learn about a battle tested design for deployment at scale. In this talk, I’ll discuss how Etsy designed a core upgrade to the site and how that might be applicable to companies of all sizes. Discussions will include how we chose between Hack/HHVM and PHP 7 and some of the tools built along the way, such as Phan, an open source static analyzer. This will also include an in depth review of how we deployed the upgrade, detailing some of the bumps in the process. Attendees should come away with a strong foundation of how the next phase of PHP can drastically improve performance and add powerful new features to aid in development.